Tips on using paper and cards

Drying time To have a good drying time it is recommended to use a PH 4.3 – 5.5
Ink brightness Use aqueous and UV varnish to achieve better colour performance and print protection.
Detachment Check cutting blades to avoid the appearance of lint/dust.
Alignment For better alignment, it is recommended to print against the fibre.
Registration For a good colour registration, it is important to consider the direction of the fibre.
Compatibility Propalcote can be printed in offset, digital, flexography, screen printing and rotary.
Protection Once the wrapping is open, it is important to protect the paper from drafts or humid environments to avoid undulations.
Lamination Our paper is compatible with all lamination processes.
It is recommended to clean the surface to be laminated to avoid contamination with particles that interfere with the quality of the process.