Environmental programs

  • Efficient use and water-saving program:

    Its objective is to establish the guidelines for the control and reduction of water consumption, based on training, guidance and actions to achieve its efficient management, guaranteeing its sustainability.

  • Integral solid waste management program:

    Its purpose is to set activities for the decrease, treatment, and proper management of industrial and non-industrial waste generated and seek a reduction in the source of their generation, giving them adequate treatment.

  • Integral energy management program:

    Its purpose is to create, implement, maintain and improve a Comprehensive Energy Management System that allows the organization to have a systematic approach to continuous progress in its energy performance, seeking to improve its performance.

  • Shedding control program:

    It intends to establish actions to reduce the impacts generated by the discharges on the Cauca and Palo rivers, optimizing the industrial water treatment systems to have less polluting fluids and ensure that they are below what is established by the environmental regulation..

  • The emission control program in fixed and mobile sources

    Its objective is to establish activities aimed at the control and reduction of pollutant emissions generated in fixed, mobile, noise sources and sources of offensive odours.