Quality politics

  1. Deliver products and services according to the requirements of each client, based on the specifications and commitments previously agreed in each case.
  2. Seek the profitability of each of our businesses and maintain competitiveness in costs, quality and service.
  3. Apply the “PROPAL Integral Management Model” of continuous improvement, structured in the PHVA management scheme, through three basic elements:

Strategic formulation: Process focused on values, mission and policies, to define in the short and long term the strategies that allow PROPAL to achieve the vision of the future.
Management by Guidelines: System oriented to transform the strategies defined in the strategic formulation into goals deployed throughout the Organization, seeking the continuous improvement of PROPAL and the achievement of the results.
Day to Day Management: It is the management of administrative and operational processes. It seeks the improvement and maintenance of the standards that allow PROPAL to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, the development of people and suppliers and the generation of value through the standardization of processes and increased productivity.