Environmental Innovation – Earth Pact

Our innovative brand

EarthPact® is the latest creation of Carvajal Pulp and Paper. This new, innovative and unique brand was specially designed for companies whose responsibility and commitment to the environment have led them to use sustainable products. All products that are under this brand are made 100% with sugar cane fibre and free of bleaching chemicals. They have a unique colour obtained from the bagasse of the sugar cane that gives them a clean, fresh and natural image.

These papers are produced with the highest standards in their manufacturing process thanks to 50 years of research and development.

The brand offers a range of products that include grease-resistant, enamelled, unglazed cards and papers for printing and writing. They have excellent conversion performance and optimal printing characteristics for a wide variety of end uses.

Our Earth Pact is available in 4 presentations:

  • • Earth Pact Reprograf Natural (photocopy).
  • • Earth Pact Natural Offset (graphic communication).
  • • Earth Pact / Propalpack (packaging).
  • • PropalMG Natural / Propalvasos (specialties).

Benefits of Earth Pact:

  • • We save 9.3% of the water in the process.
  • • We save 13.5% of energy.
  • • We reduce 100% optical brighteners.