Social commitment – Propal Foundation

We work with a passion for the social development of neighbouring populations, convinced of the importance of community participation, empowerment and capacity building, through the establishment of public-private partnerships, grouped into key programs.

Propal Foundation Programs

  • Health and basic sanitation: : We contribute to improving the health of the community by providing services with an emphasis on prevention and promotion and specialized medicine. We intervene in the improvement of the hygienic and environmental conditions of the region.
  • Early childhood: In partnership with ICBF, we add value to early childhood policy, for the integral development of children in the municipalities of Puerto Tejada, Villa Rica and Miranda, Cauca.
  • Income generation: This program operates in alliance with local mayors, entrepreneurship projects and microenterprise strengthening to be competitive and sustainable.
  • The good neighbour: Work is being done to empower the neighbouring community of the El Guabal (GuachenĂ©) village through health, education, employment and income generation programs, creating relationships of harmony, trust and respect.