• Carvajal Pulp and Paper is a company with over 50 years of experience, dedicated to the manufacturing of sugar cane bagasse pulp to produce fine paper to print and to write. We have presence in the domestic and international markets specially in the Andean region.

    There are 2 production plants: Plant 1 – Located in Yumbo, 7 kms from Cali / Plant 2 – Located in Guachené, Cauca.


    1. Opertations Plant 1

    2. Operations Plant 2


    1. Integral Management

    2. Central Maintenance

    3. Human Management

    4. Legal and General Secretariat

    5. Finances

    6. Supplies

    7. Engineering and Projects

    8. Commercial

    9. Audits

    10. IT

    11. Physical security, services and community relations

    Additionally, Carvajal Pulp and Paper have affiliates like: Supapel, Zona Franca, Propandinaand Fundación Propal.

    PROPANDINA: Company dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of paper.

    ZONA FRANCA: Company in charge of the conversion of reams and also in the capture of chlorine dioxide with high quality requirements.

    SUPAPEL: Distribution and marketing company owned by Carvajal Pulp and Paper.

    FUNDACIÓN PROPAL: Non-profit organization located in Puerto Tejada, Cauca. Its main objective is to offer a better quality of life to the inhabitants of the northern Cauca region and Yumbo, Valle del Cauca.

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